NFT license & lease

Movie NFT license and licence lease service
This is where NFT technology finally meets a new use case. With Hollywoodie, movie NFTs actually represent a license that is compliant under MIFID2 legal framework and, according to a legal opinion, also is a utility token (legal opinions by the lawyers and regulators will be shared later). This license enables NFT holders to partially own a unique piece of unique content (movie) based on the amount invested. Once the movie starts being distributed, it will start generating income and movie producer or distributor will trigger Hollywoodie to open a license lease service for that particular movie. NFT license owners/holders will be able to lease their NFTs for investment return. The return is entirely paid by the production and/or distribution company (depends on the specific movie business setup). Additionally, NFT license holders will get to mint a specific amount of Fan NFTs providing exclusive access to the fan platform of a particular movie on Hollywoodie.