Executive summary

Opportunity Movie industry is known for its low-to-medium-rated investment risk and also pretty good average return. But the main problem is that small investors (with $50 or even $50k tickets) simply cannot access that market easily. Major movie studios won't even accept your investment, while investing in the independent/indie movie market by yourself is both tricky and time-consuming. So, up until now diversifying your investment portfolio with the opportunities in the movie industry wasn't an easy option. Hollywoodie challenges the status quo of the current Hollywood finance ecosystem.

Main focus: ROI Essentially Hollywoodie is a movie studio that organizes the selection of movies to be crowdfunded, and then produced and distributed by our partners with an ultimate goal to earn revenue. We take care of the full lifecycle of a movie. Our primary goal is ROI and our main audience is investors. Fun goes only after that. Legally, the movie fundraisers are set up as NFT licenses that will be later leased out for ROI (once movie distribution/revenue starts to come in).

Secondary focus: entertainment & engagement Additional NFT license utility is Fan NFT minting which separates investment from entertainment. Fan NFT holders will be able to access exclusive, members-only and movie-specific groups on Hollywoodie platform to get engaged in movie-making activities (to a certain extent): they can interact with the cast, with the director or producer; vote and decide on some certain things for a movie; or simply get themselves into the movie as an extra or actor/actress; maybe place their product into the movie for marketing purposes.

One-stop shop The goal is to create an ecosystem that gives full scope of services and a fully organized infrastructure with ready-to-go templates for the whole lifecycle of a movie. Hollywoodie is a platform where demand meets supply, technology meets function, and challenges meet solutions.

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