Hollywoodie launchpad

Hollywoodie launchpad itself represents 1/3 of the overall ecosystem which could be described as a movie studio that wraps the full life cycle for a movie. Hollywoodie ensures that the carefully selected movies get fundraised for production, while our partnering companies do the production and distribution. In the meantime, investors get to enjoy the hassle-free and full-packaged investment solution. In addition, entertainment and activities like involvement in the movie-making behind the scenes are also available. The launchpad handles almost everything online-related, including a full-scope ecosystem with scalable solutions for:
  • Analytical script selection.
  • Compliant fundraise (KYC, AML, payments processing, etc).
  • Technical and legal setup for movie NFT licenses, lease service, Fan NFT minting, members-only group solution with built-in template-like attractions.
  • Business partnerships agreed in advance with production companies that will handle the movie production itself and will also make sure our fans could get involved, cast, and entertained as VIPs.