Holly Marketplace

While the launchpad is key for movie fundraise, Holly Marketplace is a part of movie's production and afterlife.
Holly Marketplace will incrementally add new categories to it, and will become a secondary layer of movie production and revenue source for anyone involved with Hollywoodie. The main categories are basically separate business models themselves:
  • Product placement. This category will allow to post and strike marketing deals for brands to place their product into Hollywoodie movies. This feature is a huge market in general. Hollywoodie will make sure that movie producers that fundraised for their movie via our platform will be obliged to do at least part of their product placement deals via our platform. Example A: a car brand or dealer may proactively offer a car or a few to a movie production company in return for in-movie usage (publicity, marketing). Example B: A producer may list a request for a coffee shop premises to have a scene shot at, in return, making sure the place gets delicately presented in the movie (imagine that "Central Perk" from "Friends" is actually your restaurant).
  • Casting. A producer may list casting requests or simply scroll the database consisting of people who want to be hired via Hollywoodie. These people will be able to create their profile and submit it for listing.
  • Movie props & memorabilia e-shop. This is meant for physical movie items/props and or memorabilia (once it gets to that stage) to be traded via Holly Marketplace. Hollywoodie-enabled movie producers will be obliged to sell part of their props.
  • NFTs. Hollywoodie will make sure you can trade them on the platform too. This will be especially handy for NFT license holders to sell one's Fan NFTs or trade movie artwork and special NFT airdrops.