BTL token

Bitlocus official token, called BTL, is the native token of the Bitlocus exchange. It empowers the overall Bitlocus ecosystem and adds value for BTL token holders and users with strong utility across many services offered by Bitlocus.

For its token creation, Bitlocus has chosen Terra blockchain. However, Bitlocus keeps monitoring the current blockchain development and is open for cross-chain opportunities.

Basic information

Built on: Terra blockchain

Full name: Bitlocus Token

Short name (symbol): BTL

Total supply: 500’000’000 BTL

Type: Utility token

Token life cycle

BTL token is created to be a fueling part of the Bitlocus ecosystem.

Market demand

A constant demand for BTL token will be ensured by its utility mechanism to pay for services or reduce various fees:

  • trading,

  • Platforms DeFi deposits,

  • White-label software,

  • IEO launchpad fees,

  • mass payout fees,

  • holding for rewards,

  • future services.


Token total supply is 500.000.000 BTL while circulating supply will vary constantly based on unlocked/unvested tokens and deflation (burned tokens).

After all tokens are unlocked the supply will start decreasing due to the burning mechanism and will cause BTL token's value to increase just based on this factor alone, not to mention its speculative value as well.

Multi-utility token

BTL token will benefit the Bitlocus ecosystem with its utility role for:

  • Payments. There will be a discount for platforms service fees paid in BTL.

  • Access. Some certain features and services will be solely related to holding a certain amount of BTL.

  • Rewards. Various incentives for BTL token holders on and off the platform.

  • Speculation. The growth in Bitlocus services usage will result in the increasing demand for BTL tokens, hence the increasing token value. Also, a certain amount of fees collected will be used to buy BTL tokens at market price and then burned thus making it deflationary and also affecting the value of the remaining ones.

Service features

This set of features describes the utility of BTL token in regard to service availability throughout the Bitlocus platform. Buying and holding BTL token gives the access to the services, discounts for them, and other direct benefits for the users.

  • BTL holder rewards;

  • Service availability + VIP services;

  • Service discounts.

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