Executive summary

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) started back in 2020. Ever since it has been growing rapidly and has a market cap of over $80 Billion with over $120 Billion in total value locked (TVL) at press time.‌

Despite rapid growth, the DeFi landscape is still relatively nascent, with good market opportunities for which Bitlocus will develop a platform for fiat holders to invest into DeFi. DeFi has only penetrated the crypto market by about 6%. But the real opportunity is not even there. The real opportunity to grow even bigger and faster is in traditional fiat markets, and we can clearly see the first big steps from traditional investors adding crypto to their portfolios.‌

Currently there are 24 publicly traded companies that hold about 1% of total BTC supply (estimated value more than $6 billion), all well as dozens of institutional investors have already added crypto to their portfolios too.‌

Bitlocus sees a huge opportunity in the deposit market which is estimated at about $17 trillion in the European Union Area and about $15.5 trillion in the US.‌

Our Fiat-Defi Management Platform (FDMP) is targeted to bring those traditional deposits investors to DeFi based on better yield and simple user interface. Basically, none crypto or DeFi knowledge is required because the end-user only transacts in fiat assets and all DeFi based transactions will be automatically processed by Bitlocus platform.

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